If you believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God,

then you should be baptized.

You are the “chosen one of God” and should be baptized.

The Bible is clear that we have to make the decision of baptism on our own. For that reason, we don’t baptize infants. We have to have the capacity to repent, and we have to be able to understand what sin and faith actually are. We must be sorry for those sins.
Usually we begin to consider baptism when a child is at least 9 or 10 years old. This is the time in their lives when they begin to understand concepts like faith and sin developmentally. Their minds begin to embrace the possibility of things they cannot see – less concrete thinking. The ideal time to come to Christ is from 9-13 years old, the reason being is that around 12-13 is usually the time when kids reach what is known as “the age of accountability.” In other words, it is a developmental milestone when a child can begin taking responsibility for his own mistakes, sins, … It is a natural rite of passage for an adolescent to make their first “grown up” decision when they come to Christ. Perhaps you are older, though.

There is no greater time to be baptized than right now!
Baptism is pleasing to our God and because it is a pledge of loyalty to our king,
to reject baptism is to reject God’s authority at a personal level.

So, if you believe Jesus is Lord of all and Savior, the very Son of God; if you believe that he died and rose on the third day to allow you to have freedom from your sins; then you should be baptized. There are no required classes to take before your baptism. Your decision to be baptized is based solely on your heart’s conviction.