Baptism is by immersion!

Think about it logically for a moment – baptism is about identifying with Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. Being immersed under the water completely symbolizes Christ’s burial and coming out of the water represents Christ’s resurrection and our future resurrection.

There are many words that are referred to as “baptism” in the Scriptures. Many Christian denominations baptize in a variety of ways. However, the word for baptism in the Bible is always the word “baptidzo” when it refers to salvation. The word “baptidzo” in the original language of koine Greek means to immerse. If you pour water, it’s not being buried; if you sprinkle, it’s not being buried; if you wash, it’s not being buried. The idea is the identification with Christ in his burial and resurrection.

Who will baptize me?

There are no biblical restrictions to who can baptize, except that the other person must be a baptized believer themselves. Also, there is no particular place or time that one needs to be baptized. Some like to wait for a worship service to be baptized, but that is not required. It is always nice for baptisms to take place in the worship service, simply because others in the congregation will rejoice with you. But “the sooner the better” is always the best approach. It would be very appropriate to ask one of the church leaders about your choice of whom to baptize you.