We hope this will help you understand where baptism fits into the life of all humans.
God bless you on your journey.
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Baptism is a rite of purification according to the dictionary. It is interesting to see some of the synonyms for baptism: initiation, introduction, debut, beginning, inductions, rite, ceremony,… so we see that baptism is really about a new start; it is a new beginning. In many ways baptism is a rite of passage to something different and new on our spiritual journey, it is the result of a defining moment in our spiritual development. Christian Author Alger Fitch has described baptism as a “border crossing.”
Baptism is like crossing a border between an old way of life and a new way of life. It becomes a new beginning. The old gospel tune declares, “I bid farewell to the way of the world, to walk in it nevermore.” The person who has been baptized publicly declares that they have crossed a border. They have left behind and abandoned the dark choices of the past in favor of a bright future in Christ.